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SPF Roof

SPF Roof

Spray Foam has a over 40 years of real world use. Northern Spray Solutions has flat roofing systems in place all over Alberta performing year after year with happy owners. We have reconditioned spray foam roofs that have been over 25 years old and never had leak and the best is that we clean and recondition the roof and that there is no tear off.

I am going to list what I believe to be the 3 Game Changing reasons to use Spray Foam Roofing.  These are things that no other roofing system can do and what makes spray foam the perfect choice for a roofing product.

  1. Spray foam roofing systems are sprayed on layer after layer creating a monolithic seal with no seams. Because of this there is almost no chance of a failure unless the roof is damaged. When the foam is sprayed onto the deck of the building it is essentially bonding with the building with no thermal bridging caused by nails, screws, or other tie down hardware common in other roofing systems.
  2. Spray foam roofs are self flashing. This is a big one because flashing and the install of it makes no sense.  You spend weeks laying your roofing system trying to make a perfectly sealed roof just to screw holes through it at the very end to apply the flashing. Flashing is the number one cause of roofing troubles. Northern Spray Solutions has a custom made for us only flashing system that is installed before the foam is applied and then incorporated seamlessly into the roofing system.
  3. Spray foam roofs are completely renewable. When you apply a spray foam roof to your building you can rest easy knowing that the roof you now have can be easily reconditioned and will never have to be torn off. When the time comes for reconditioning, we will address any problem area and clean and condition for spraying again. This is huge because theoretically you can recondition this type of roof system forever without ever tearing it off and wasting all of the material you invested in.

If you have a flat roof that is new or existing and you would like to have the best roofing system, need more insulation on your roof or have repairs, give us a call.