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About Spray Polyurethane Foam

What is it?

SPF stands for Spray Polyurethane Foam. SPF roofing is ideal for a high performance roofing system. SPF roofs are much more cost effective than many other forms of roofing products. Our SPF roofing systems are perfect for the total building providing durable long lasting energy-efficient and improved comfort.

With a high-performance SPF roofing system these are ideal for saving energy for your business especially in the industrial and construction industry and the oil field sectors as well.

With SPF roofs these are ideal to helping build and sustain your business. Full range of services with SPF includes spray foam wall insulation, roofing spray foam insulation systems and a full line of specialty coatings that are used for thermal and moisture protection, waterproof abrasion resistance and other applications.

SPF roofing has been used on major projects such as the Louisiana Superdome. Also on household products such as coolers, fridge hot water tanks. Also Polyurethane plastics and foams are everywhere, from the interior of your car,  to coolers, homes and flooring just to name a few.

What is spray Polyurethane Foam

SPF is a cellular material that is formed with the spray application and reaction of two liquids. This application results in a rigid plastic material that expands approximately 30 times its original volume during the clearing process.

The SPF roofing system utilizes the unique properties of closed cell SPF with the spray application directly onto a roof. The entire roof surface receives a seamless fully adhered, barrier to water that is over 1 inch thick.

What makes an SPF roof high performance?

And SPF high performance roof is one that integrates and optimizes on the life-cycle basis all major high performance attributes includes the following below, all While reducing Operational Costs.

  • waterproofing
  • environment safety
  • reliability
  • security
  • energy conservation
  • low-maintenance
  • productivity
  • costs benefit

About Waterproofing

Polyurethane foams effectively seals against leaks for your business. You will find that with Polyurethane foams, there are no leaks such as fasteners seams that would likely develop leaks on a traditional roof. Even if damaged, water cannot travel under a foam roof.

An SPF roof provides you the highest R value insulation. Controls air movement, controls moisture transport in the system and eliminates thermal shorts.

With an SPF roof, this can applied to an existing roof after removal of gravel and dirt.

Safety and Security with an SPF Roof

The key findings of safety and security with regards to severe weather and wind are that SPF roofs wind resistant actually exceeds the capability of wind tunnels that are designed to simulate hurricanes that results in roofs blowing off.

There is also increased resistance to Debris, hail and other objects during high wind events. Also gouged spray foam Roofs actually continue to perform well with repairs for months.

SPF Roof have proven time and time again to have an impressive track record the protecting buildings against  storms tornadoes and hurricanes creating the ideal safety and security for your business.

Cost Benefits and How much is it?

SPF roots are very competitive with pricing and most of the time  is actually lower costing that most other applications.

SPF roofs have the lowest life-cycle costs.  It also has superior insulation reduces energy consumption, and these energy savings will pay for the installation costs itself.

For roofing less than conventional, and home insulation when heat savings, labor, efficiency and comfort is taken into account has a very quick payback time.

More information on spray foam insulation cost.

Will it work?

Every application is different, but almost manageable and these products have been proven since the 70’s and with the new technology in the industry that we utilize, it makes the products that much better.

When and how fast can it be done?

Depending on job size and dynamics of project depends on schedule at that time.  We do run the biggest pumps in the industry and have a very large volume capacity to complete even the biggest project in very little time.  Commercial roofing is substantially faster that conventional.

Sustainable renewable warranty

An SPF roof is extremely reliable for your business also has increased sustainability. The system life cycle cost between 10% and 50% less than standard built-up roof.

SPF roofs are ideal as they form to unique shapes and to a variety of surface finishes and is lightweight.


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