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Cathedral Ceiling

Many Clients with cathedral ceilings insulated with fiberglass batt insulation call us with a few unique problems associated with this type of ceiling construction.

Often hot, humid interior air leaks past the poly barrier and through the batt insulation.  Upon contact with the cold surface or cold air in the venting, condensation occurs.  This condensation can lead to mold in the batt insulation and other moisture problems impacting the underside of the roof such as staining and rot.  Sprayed Polyurethane Foam does not support mold or mildew and creates a moisture barrier at the same time.

The batt insulation is removed and 2 lb closed cell spray foam is applied to the underside of the roof deck sealing the warm, moist interior air in the living space of the home.  The 2 lb foam is sprayed in the gable ends sealing the soffit and gable ends also.