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When insulating a metal building such as a quonset, post and beam, pole sheds or a tin sheeted building, there is only one product worthwhile to use and that is 2lb Spray Foam. The numbers alone should be the deciding factor but there are many others.

  • 1     inch=72 percent heat retention
  • 1.5 inch=81 percent heat retention
  • 2     inch=90 percent heat retention
  • 3     inch=96 percent heat retention

The most effective is 1.5 to 2 inch; this gives you the best return on your money and will provide a very comfortable building.

When you spray your building with 2lb spray foam, you are:

  1. creating a air tight seal glued to the outer skin of the building. This prevents any condensation between the insulation and the skin of the building which can and will cause rust and mold problems.
  2.  increasing the structural integrity and racking strength by up to 300 percent
  3. insulating at R-6 per inch higher than any other insulation
  4. creating a monolithic insulating envelope that can be applied with no thermal bridging
  5.  100 percent moisture seal
  6. skipping all the labour and material of installing framing, batt insulation and plastic moisture barrier

Northern Spray Solutions recommends using Spray foam as it is best option hands down for steel buildings, providing overall the best results for Metal Building insulation. For more information and questions on spray foam and metal building insulation, call us at 1-780-963-4493 and we would be glad to assist you.

Steel Building with 2lb spray foam

Steel Building with 2lb spray foam