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Foamsulate Eco: The RIGHT Choice for High Performance Insulation

Foamsulate Eco: The RIGHT Choice for High Performance InsulationAt Spray Solutions we are dedicated to providing high quality products that add true value through performance. That’s why we’re proud of the value-added nature of our products providing superior insulation and strength.

Energy Efficiency

  • Spray foam reduces energy bills by up to 40%
  • Spray foam has a higher R-value and better performance than traditional insulation because it stops air leaks that can reduce R-values by 25-40%
  • Foamsulate ECO expands and fills every space and crack preventing conditioned air from leaking out

Healthier and Quieter

  • By expanding to fill every crack and crevice Foamsulate ECO stops air leakage in and out and prevents pollutants, dust, and allergen infiltration
  • Foamsulate ECO does not support mould and mildew
  • As an effective vapour barrier, Foamsulate keeps moisture out and prevents it from forming from condensation
  • With its sealing power foam reduces noise pollution

Durable and Dependable

  • Foamsulate ECO does not settle, sag, shrink, or deteriorate. It stays in place providing value year round.
  • Spray foam adds structural strength. It does not have fasteners or seams which can reduce strength
  • Spray foam walls have three times greater racking strength

Bio Based

  • Foamsulate ECO uses polyols containing soy oil, corn oil, castor oil, and sugar
  • These are rapidly renewable materials designed for minimum environmental impact as well as for performance, competitive pricing, and stability of supply

Recycled Ingredients

  • Foamsulate ECO contains pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials thus reducing what goes into landfills
  • Pre-consumer content is material diverted from the waste stream in manufacturing processes
  • Post-consumer content is material from households, industrial, or institutional facilities that is no longer usable for the original intended purpose

Foamsulate ECO sprayed polyurethane foam gives you the ability to make the right choice for the environment, and do what is best for your health.