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Energy costs are always increasing on a yearly/monthly basis, so when building or upgrading your home, basement, attic or garage, finding ways to help lower your monthly costs in the long run is usually on peoples to-do list. Northern Spray Solutions clients include the residential, commercial and industrial businesses covering all of Alberta.

Spray foam is one of the best insulation solutions on the market. 40% of heat loss is because of the air movement, and the other 60% is due to the moisture, and heat moves with the moisture. Cold air results in less moisture, and the warmer the air, the increased moisture it will hold. Spray foam insulation helps create a barrier to help prevent moisture from flowing/moving which helps to stop the loss of heat in your house.

Spray foam insulation does an impressive job with creating an airtight house. The R value of spray foam is very high, the R value is the materials resistance to loosing heat. Using spray foam will lead to you having a warmer home in the winter and a cooler home in the summer time, helping you to lower your monthly heating/cooling costs due to less energy being used.

With spray foam insulation, it does not absorb moisture, so it does not lose it R-value nor compress. With spray foam being inorganic, it helps prevent mold growth.

It is very important when getting spray foam for your home or business to call Northern Spray Solutions and have the job done right by qualified professionals.