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Commercial SPF Roofing, Spray Foam & Coatings

Commercial SPF Roofing, Spray Foam & Coatings

Commercial Flat Roof Repairs – protrusion sealed

Northern Spray solutions services Edmonton to Calgary including Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie, Alberta with a variety insulation products and services for the commercial construction sector.

Our primary commercial insulation product is our state of the art SPF roofing process for commercial roofing insulation. With three pound foam and UV reflective hard coats it not only eliminates flashing, but it drastically lowers the roof temperature with our roof coating.

Northern Spray Solutions operates automated sprayers to provide the very best in quality and product application.  We also use an industrial vacuum for rock and dirt removal, eliminating dust caused by sweeping roof decks.

Commercial Areas Serviced: Our Contractors for the Commercial sector servicee From Calgary to Edmonton, St Albert, Spruce GroveStony Plain and surrounding areas including Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Northern Spray Solutions has Enform safety certification.

The benefits of spray foam and polyurethane coatings for Commercial Insulation:

  • Energy conservation: Polyurethane foam adheres to any surface, eliminating the need for metal fasteners which cause thermal bridging. The 3lb spray foam has an R-rating of 7 per inch. Reflective coatings repels heat, reducing loads on AC systems.  A spray foam application of two inches covered with a reflective hard coat has proven to cut energy costs by up to 40%.
  • The 3lb Spray Foam has a 50 PSI compressive strength, making it safe to walk on and giving strength to the building’s structure.
    A SPF roof is seamless with virtually no chance of leaks and is ideal with commercial roof insulation.
  • The coating’s powerful adhesion means it is wind uplift resistant, strong, and lightweight.  There is no need to load the roof down with rock.
  • Fast, efficient application takes a fraction of the time other methods would and reduces labor costs. Re-roofing as well as repairs are possible in almost all applications with minimal tear off.
  • Insulating the roof deck prevents structural expansion and contraction and extends roof life.
  • Long life and easy maintenance: there have been polyurethane roofs in use for over 35 years.

Other Commercial Insulation & Spray Foam Solutions in Alberta

Commercial Re-roofing done with SPF and UV reflective hard coat

Commercial Flat Re-roofing done with SPF and UV reflective hard coat

Northern Spray Solutions also provides Commercial Spray Foam Insulation and Coating Services for:

  • Food storage facilities
  • Freezer deep coolers
  • Concrete sealing for regular and food grade processes
  • Wall and ceiling sealing
  • Under concrete insulation with our 3 lb foam
  • Waterproof seamless wash bays and rooms
  • Sterile room sealing
  • Spray foam insulation and coating for commercial buildings


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