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Industrial Coatings, Insulation & Containment Services (Edmonton – Calgary)

Industrial Poly-urea Coatings and Polyurethane Spray Foams and Coatings

Northern Spray Solutions is an Industrial Insulation Contractor that services the industrial sector by providing the best industrial containment coatings and polyurethane foams in the industry.  Our area of service is Alberta, based out of Edmonton.

Industrial Areas Serviced: From Calgary to Edmonton, St Albert, Spruce GroveStony Plain and surrounding areas including Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Some of our industrial contractor services include:

Northern Spray Solutions Industrial Vac

Northern Spray Solutions Industrial Vac

  • Capable of  200-1000% Elongation
  • Industrial coatings capable of withstanding high heat and pressure
  • Industrial coatings hard enough to hit with a hammer.
  • Food grade coatings
  • NSF potable water coatings
  • Fire Rated coatings
  • Smooth or textured finishes
  • Slip or non slip surfaces
  • Acid resistant poly-urea coatings
  • Polyurethane Foam 3lb and 2lb
  • Vac and sandblasting
  • Industrial Containment of all kinds
Professional Floor Coating - concrete sealing

Professional Floor Coating – concrete sealing

Northern Spray Solutions prides itself on customer satisfaction and completing  a quality job with all our industrial insulation and containment services.  With the need to provide quality industrial products and applications of the best products, Northern Spray Solutions delivers in all aspects of the job.  We have a full safety program and always strive for a safe and effective job site with the well being of our workers always coming first.


Northern Spray Solutions is an industrial coatings company that can supply your coating needs. These industrial coatings are plastics and are formed when two components meet in a mixing chamber in a spray gun. They are 100% solids and do not contain water or solvents to evaporate during the curing process like paints and epoxies. Whether it is abrasion, wear, weather corrosion or containment, we have industrial insulation and containment solutions for you. With the newest of technologies, polyurethanes and polyureas are surpassing the capabilities of any other industrial coatings and Northern Spray Solutions can make them work for you.

Containment of tanks

Containment of tanks

Smooth or textured surfaces, metal, wood, concrete, or almost any substrate can be coated with the proper surface preparation.  It doesn’t make sense to re-coat something every five years when it can be protected right the first time and last the entire life of the object providing the ideal protective coating.

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