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Secondary Containment Solutions in Alberta

Northern Spray Solutions specialized in a wide range of Secondary Containment options, including Spray-on Liners, Floor Coatings and Tank Coatings, used extensively by the oil and gas industry to alleviate containment issues at primary sources such as Compressor Stations, Power Generators, Tank Farms and Pipe Runs.

 Tank Lining Protection options include:

  •  acid and chemical restraint pond tank liners,
  •  cistern tank liners (Poly Ureas are CFIA certified food safe for potable water),
  •  insulated tanks, and
  •  internal and external coatings for tanks.

Exceptional skill in application along with products which are superior in strength, durability, impact tolerance, chemical resistance, are fast curing and have unparalleled elastomeric qualities allows Northern Spray Solutions the ability to provide the customer a product guaranteed to:

  •  prevent leakage into sensitive substrates,
  •  provide for the capture and containment of releases and spills, and
  •  promote prompt cleanups.


Floor Coatings