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Insulation Problem Areas: Spray Foam Can Help!

The above image shows the many areas that heat, cold, air infiltration and leakage occur that can double your energy bill and compromise the health and indoor quality of your home or building. There are 21 main points within your home that could be a problem you are needing help with.

Polyurethane spray foam from Northern Spray Solutions addresses each of these and provides the maximum insulation available while sealing out harmful pollutants and allergens saving you significant money and protecting your health.

  1. Radiant heat and cold
  2. Roof penetrations like plumbing vent stacks and exhaust fans
  3. Uninsulated ducts
  4. Leaking ducts
  5. Recessed lights
  6. Attic hatch/stairs
  7. Wall top plates
  8. Window framing
  9. Electrical wall outlets
  10. Wall light switches
  11. Unsealed chases between floors
  12. Dropped soffits
  13. Plumbing penetrations, pipe & duct runs
  14. Band boards between floors
  15. Fireplaces and chimneys
  16. Sill plates
  17. Door framing
  18. Appliance vents
  19. Outdoor faucets
  20. Crawl spaces
  21. Uninsulated basement walls

Do you live in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Alberta or surrounding areas and are you interested in learning more about Foamsulate Eco spray foam as a residential insulation option? Please contact us today.