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Recent racking strength studies have shown that Polyurethane Spray Foam can add significant structural strength to walls. What is Racking Strength? Racking strength is the capability of a square or rectangular area of a wall to uphold its shape under duress.

Using Spray Foam comes as added protection against natural disasters and spray foam roofing and wall systems have shown remarkable resistance to high wind uplift and blow off.

NAHB Tests have shown increases in racking strength to 330 to 400%. From a 2005 NIST study, energy savings of up to 62% were realized by the undertaking of specific air leakage prevention measures using spray foam in homes and buildings.

Spray foam essentially eliminates air leaks in your home or business. Air leakage can contribute to problems with moisture, dust, pollutants, noise, insects and rodents thus protecting your home even more.

Studies have shown that air leakage can account for 30% of homes annual heating and cooling costs.  With the installation of  Closed Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam you can virtually eliminate all air leakage and put those cost savings in your pocket for the life of the building.

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